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Dance Plant Collective is a contemporary dance-theatre company based in Tāmaki Makaurau, Aotearoa


Our vision is to create politically challenging and transformative performance work and the roots of our practice are planted in a desire to nuture community, honour the body as a locus of understanding and uphold the interconnectedness of all things. 

Dance Plant Collective have shared our award-winning, sold-out performances throughout New Zealand and Australia. We regularly offer collaborative opportunities through a community-based approach within our work.




A new contemporary dance duet by Brittany and Natasha Kohler for Dance Plant Collective, unravelling the intricate layers of twinhood.

Rituals of Similarity is a new contemporary dance duet by Brittany and Natasha Kohler for Dance Plant Collective, unravelling the intricate layers of twinhood.

Born 7 minutes apart, we entered this world together. Side by side, or sometimes top and tail, we are two individuals, recognised as one. Rituals of Similarity explores the fine line between warmth and friction, rivalry and unity, synchrony and idiosyncrasy. It is a pas de deux of sameness, doubles, and contrasts. 

How do two identical bodies navigate each other's physicality? Who takes up more space? How does individuality exist within identical appearance? 

Witness the soft, intimate beginnings, the identical experiences, the subtle spot-the-differences. It’s time to shake off the twin tropes and be confronted with reality - we come together, from elsewhere. 

Watch trailer here

Creative Team: 
Choreographers and Performers - Brittany Kohler and Natasha Kohler
Producer - Julie Zhu (2023)
Set Designer - Talia Pua
Costume Designer - Zoë McNicholas 
Lighting Designer & Op -  Paul Bennett 
Sound Designer  - Lucien Johnson
Image Credit - Amanda Billing

Thank you to:

Q Theatre, Red Leap Theatre, Ben O'Connor, Katrina Todd, Sharon Kohler, Stephan Kohler, The Dance Studio, Wellesley Studios,  Jinki Cambronero, Grit Becker, Zoë Nicholson

Shown at:

Q Theatre Loft as part of Q Theatre MATCHBOX Programme 2023

Te Auaha, Pōneke as part of New Zealand Fringe Festival 2024

ONEONESIX, Whangārei 2024




STRUCTURE exists as a metaphorical magnifying glass. The show highlights the ways in which external structures control our lives in the era of late-stage Capitalism. What causes us to follow the norm and what happens when we deviate from this? STRUCTURE encourages the audience to gaze inwards, examining the harsh rigidity of impersonal structures and the gentleness of interpersonal connections. 

Exploring themes of social interconnectivity, mental health, the loneliness epidemic, grief, loss, hope and joy, this show will transport you through a meditative, melancholic yet hopeful reflection on what it means to exist in 2023. 

Choreographic Direction: Bella Wilson

Producer: Madison Cronin 

Lead Dancers: Brittany Kohler, Gus Syben, Kit Reilly & Natasha Kohler

Ensemble Dancers: Abi Jones, Alexandra Lamm, Carla Harré, Deborah Fletcher, Erin Meek, Holly Finch, Jess Crompton & Joanna Cook

Understudies: Lara Chuo, Tess Doorman-Smith, Peni Fakaua & Woody Sabanhdt. 

Composer: Flo Wilson

Choreographic Mentor: Lucy Marinkovich

Costume Designer: Lisa EcEwan

Lighting Designer: Paul Bennett

Av Designer: Yin-Chi Lee

Photography: Jinki Cambronero

Shown at: Raye Freedman Arts Centre, Auckland 2023

Contribution to & support of previous STRUCTURE development periods: 

Lucy Guerin Inc. (Melbourne), Wellesley Studios, Creative New Zealand, Unitec Dance, The University of Auckland - Dance Studies department, Dance24Seven, Zoë Nicholson, Tūī  Hofmann, Jaz Yahel, Alexa Wilson, Cat Ruka, Sarah Foster-Sproull, James O’Hara, Katrina Todd, Adam Naughton, Sharvon Mortimer, Oli Mathiesen, Katrina Bastian, Raven Afoa-Purcell, Kimberley Halberg, Elani Austin-Tennant, Issie Cassidy, Ruchi Ahuja, Celia Hext, Cade Hansen, Katie Shaw, Cecilia Wilcox, Nahyeon Lee & Janaína Moraes.

DANZ Review: Jenny Stevenson

Theatreview Review: Nicole Wilkie
Theatreview Review: Felicity Molloy




What remains when we offer surrealism to the body? How does one dance with the subconscious?

Magnificent Remains is a contemporary dance work by Brittany Kohler in collaboration with Dance Plant Collective, inspired by the surrealism movement. It is a nod to the original Surrealists, who, in pursuit of liberation turned to the unconscious mind.

Watch trailer here

Choreographic Direction: Brittany Kohler

Producer: Zoë Nicholson

Dancers: Amber Liberté, Bella Wilson, Jacob Reynolds, Miriam Eskilden, Natasha Kohler,  Neža Jamnikar, Raven Afoa-Purcell,  Tūī Hofmann

Choreographic Mentor: Rose Philpott

Sound Designer: james risbey

Costume Designer: Zoë McNicholas

Lighting Designer: Paul Bennett

Photography: Jinki Cambronero

Shown at: LOT23, Auckland 2021 (Premiere Season)

DANZ Review: Lauren Sanderson

Theatreview Review: Lucien Johnson




Desperate Late Night Energy! A blend of colour, sounds, electronic beats and hypnotising dance moves. Boycrush and Dance Plant Collective have come together to create a night of unhinged madness and magic. Prepare to be allured.

Boycrush released their album Desperate Late Night Energy in 2018, and it received rave reviews. They were nominated for a VNZMA for Best Electronic Artist and for the Critic's Choice Award. Boycrush has previously opened for Lorde, Kimbra, and Liam Finn.


Choreographic Direction & Peformance: Bella Wilson, Brittany Kohler, Jaz Yahel, Natasha Kohler, Tūī  Hofmann

Producer: Zoë Nicholson

Music & Live Peformance: Boycrush

Costume Design: RUBY

Lighting Design: Paul Bennett

Photography: Peter Jennings

Shown at: Basement Theatre - Auckland Fringe Festival 2019

Awards: 'Best Costume' and 'Best Music' Auckland Fringe Awards Night​

DANZ Review: Lauren Sanderson

Theatrescenes Review: Irene Corbett




Goodbye conscious consumer, hello capitalist perfection, from farm to fridge all neatly disguised for your ethical pleasure.


MEAT offers an immersive and penetrating dive into the unsettling psychology of consumption; what are you consuming and what consumes you?

​Choreographic Direction: Tūī  Hofmann

Producer: Zöe Nicholson

Peformers: Bella Wilson, Brittany Kohler, Jaz Yahel, Natasha Kohler, Rose Tapsell (2018 iteration), Tūī  Hofmann

(2019 iteration)

Sound Designer: Alex Zielinski (Riyoon)

Costume Designer: Lisa McEwan

Textile Designer: Elise Li
Lighting Designer: Paul Bennett 
Av Designer: Sam Folkhard-Hodgson

Set Designer: Achmed Abman

Photography: Justin Spiers

Shown at: Basement Theatre (Premiere Season 2018), BATS Theatre Wellington - NZ Fringe Festival 2019, Dunedin Fringe Festival (2019), ONEONESIX Theatre - Whangārei (2019), Abbotsford Convent - Industrial School, Melbourne Fringe (2019) 

Awards: MEAT was nominated for Outstanding Design, Best in Fringe and won Best Dance at the Dunedin Fringe Awards 2019.

DANZ Review: Lauren Sanderson

Theatreview Review: Hannah Molloy




A ritual, in three slices, giving trust to natural discoveries and curiosity. They present these slices between mind and magic, giving light to darkness and answers to no questions. They are each their own and own their slices. As we are, in similarity and unknown, finding space within boundaries and boundaries within space.

A wordplay, a movement play, and a look at the fallings into place within their art form. Dance Plant Collective present a look at our thoughts, our relationships, and the unknown.


Choreographic Direction: Bella Wilson ('Cha(order)s'), Brittany Kohler & Natasha Kohler (Rituals of Similarity)

Producer: Zoë Nicholson

Performers: Bella Wilson, Brittany Kohler, Jaz Yahel, Natasha Kohler

Sound Designer: james risbey

Lighting Design: Paul Bennett

Photography: Peter Jennings


Shown at: Studio One — Toi Tū - Auckland Fringe Festival 2018, Short & Sweet Dance Festival 2018 (Rituals of Similarity)

Awards: 'Best Newcomers Award - Company' - Auckland Fringe Awards 2018, DANZ Choreographic Mentorship Award 2018 (Rituals of Similarity).

DANZ Review: Tru Paraha



Paths that pedestrians take informally - in spite of urban design

Why do we stay "on track" when the route just goes in circles? What drives us to stray from sanctioned pathways? How do we harmonize our desires?

and where does spontaneity lead us?''

Desire Line(s) was Dance Plant's first work as a collective and was premiered in early 2017. Co-choreographed by the full collective, the work had a successful season at Auckand's Samoa House and was re-developed into a series of short films later in 2018.

​Choreographic Direction & Performance: Bella Wilson, Brittany Kohler, Jaz Yahel, Natasha Kohler, Rose Tapsell, Tūī  Hofmann

Sound Design: Flo Wilson

Lighting Design: Paul Bennett

Shown at: Samoa House, Auckland 2017




For one night only, embark on a journey of unmatched after-hours access, where the visual and live arts collide.

The central city’s most iconic galleries are open late, playing host to a thrilling suite of exhibitions and curious delights. With offerings that include captivating performances by Dance Plant Collective and IDCO, a series of DJ sets by M4URI M4STA, RNG†sus, Sezzo, and Jess Fu, and a wide range of stunning artworks, everyone can find something to delight in on this art hīkoi through central Auckland.

Follow the trail to see illuminating live entertainment alongside exceptional visual art from Aotearoa and beyond. Experience your favourite galleries in a rare new light.

Choreographic Direction & Performance:  Bella Wilson, Brittany Kohler, Natasha Kohler, Tūī Hofmann

Sound Designer: Ed Zuccolo & Mike Hodgson

Costume Designer: RUBY
Lighting Designer: Ben O'Connor, Sam Folkhard-Hodgson

AV Designer: Nocturnal, Sam Folkhard-Hodgson

Photography​: David St. George

A collaboration between Dance Plant Collective X Auckland Arts Festival X Auckland Art Gallery




'Spellbound' is a site specific dance performance that premiered at LUMA 2021. Spellbound activates the space and follows characters through the nooks of the forest.


Choreographic Direction: Jaz Yahel & Natasha Kohler

Performance: Bella Wilson, Brittany Kohler, Raven Afoa-Purcell,

Jaz Yahel, Katrina Bastian, Natasha Kohler & Tūī Hofmann
Sound Designer: Mike Hodgson

Costume Designer: Ana Van Schie

​Lighting Designers: Anau Hazeldine, Paul Bennett, Sam Folkhard-Hodgson, 

Production: Zoë Nicholson

A collaboration between Dance Plant Collective & LUMA Southern Lights Projectt Queenstown




Orbit premiered in January 2021 during TSB Festival of Lights as a roaming performance and has since been performed at Splore Festival and Human Agency's 'Performance Town' in Sandringham Village.

Choreographic Direction & Concept: Natasha Kohler​

Performance:  Bella Wilson, Brittany Kohler, Emma Broad Emma Cosgrave, 

  Holly Finch, Natasha Kohler, Tūī Hofmann

Sound Designer: Kit Reilly

Costume / Set Designer: Natasha Kohler & Jaz Yahel, RUBY

Producer: Zoë Nicholson

Photography: Kit Reilly





A Brief Encounter premiered at Turama mid 2019. The festival was held at Auckland's Albert Park.

Choreographic Direction: Tūī Hofmann

Performance:  Ariana Hond, Bella Wilson, Emma Cosgrave, Kit Reilly,

Terry Morrison, Villa Junior Lemanu

Sound Designers: Kit Reilly, Mike Hodgson

Costume Designer: Tūī Hofmann

Lighting and AV Designers: Nocturnal, Sam Folkhard-Hodgson
Producer: Zoë Nicholson

Photography: Ken Buist

A Brief Encounter




Dance Plant worked in collaboration with NZ fashion designer Lela Jacobs for the release of her latest collection for New Zealand Fashion Week 2019. 

Choreographic Direction: Bella Wilson

Performance & Choreographic Collaboration: Bella Wilson, Brittany Kohler, Jaz Yahel, Tūī Hofmann

Costume: Lela Jacobs

Hair Design: Colleen

A collaboration between Dance Plant Collective & Lela Jacobs




Dance Plant collaborated with Nocturnal to produce a work for Bright Nights festival in Auckland 2019. The work titled 'Entwined' was commissioned by Maritime Museum.

Choreographic Direction: Brittany Kohler, Natasha Kohler & Tūī Hofmann
mers: Bella Wilson, Brittany Kohler, Jaz Yahel,

Natasha Kohler & Tūī Hofmann

Sound Designer: Flo Wilson

Costume Designer: RUBY

Lighting & AV Designers: Nocturnal

Photography: Nocturnal

LumaDay4 (3 of 29).jpg



Dance Plant presented 'Lite Moves' in collaboration with Nocturnal and Ed Zuccolo, a dance and light show for LUMA Festival in Queenstown. 

Chorographic Direction: Bella Wilson, Brittany Kohler, Natasha Kohler & Tūī Hofmann

PerformersBella Wilson, Brittany Kohler, Jaz Yahel, Natasha Kohler, Tūī Hofmann

Sound Designer: Ed Zuccolo 

Lighting & AV Designer: Nocturnal

Producer: Zoë Nicholson

Photography: Nocturnal




Dance Plant Collective performed their improvisation practice ‘Exist as Rainforest’ and held an improvisation workshop at the Experimental Dance Week Aotearoa, curated by NZ/Berlin-based performance artist Alexa Wilson.  


Choreographic/Practice Direction: Bella Wilson, Brittany Kohler, Jaz Yahel, Rose Tapsell & Tūī Hofmann

Performance: Bella Wilson, Brittany Kohler, Jaz Yahel, Rose Tapsell & Tūī Hofmann


Dance Plant Collective perform improvised and choreographed short performances at gigs and events specializing in site specific work. These performances are a great way of activating spaces and engaging communities with experimental dance.


Contact us if you would like to collaborate with us on future events. 


''We would LOVE to have you involved, you brought such a good vibe last year''

"We had such great feedback and loved the performance so much that now we think we need another performative work for our [next event]''

''I've loved working with you guys and really loved what you put together for this event, hopefully more projects in the future"

Previous Events:


Karangahape Road's First Thursday Events

- 'No Manifesto' at Auckland Art Gallery (a collaboration with Zahra Killeen-Chance)

-'Orbital' by Comet Space Project 

--Monster Valley's 'The Experiment'

-Roaming improvisations for NZDW

-'Boycrush' opening performance 

-Splore Festival

-Shipwrecked Festival

-EarthBeat Festival


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