Jaz grew up on the west coast of Auckland, New Zealand and was introduced to contemporary dance at Massey High School.  Her curiosity for contemporary danced formed and remained in the back of her mind during her studies at AUT where she gained a degree in communications. In her last year of study at AUT, Jaz auditioned for Unitec and had an invigorating 3 years pursuing a degree in contemporary dance. During her time at Unitec, Jaz worked with many outstanding New Zealand and international artists and choreographers who have inspired her and helped form the artistic interests that she currently holds. During her time studying, Jaz formed close meaningful relationships with her peers which in turn enabled collaboration that could produce meaningful, rich, dark, humorous work. Thus DANCE PLANT Collective was born. Whilst attempting to work as much as possible as a freelance artist, Jaz is also working hard to earn money in order to travel the world and experience contemporary dance, art and performance from other perspectives.