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Concept & Choreographic Direction: Brittany Kohler

Videography: Ben O'Connor

Performers: Bella Wilson, Jaz Yahel, Natasha Kohler, Tūī  Hofmann & Zoë Nicholson



Concept & Choreographic Direction: Dance Plant Collective

Performers: Bella Wilson, Brittany Kohler, Jaz Yahel, Natasha Kohler, Tui Hofmann

Videography: Ben O'Connor

Music: Alex Zielinksi (Riyoon)

The short films were originally made for the collective's Artist in Residence exhibition at Studio One Toi Tu. Each short film is based off the collective's first full length work 'Desire Line(s)' (2017) and is directed by a member of the collective.

Short firms are as follows


-the pool


-Breakfast in the burbs



Magnificent Remains is a short collaborative dance film by Brittany Kohler, Ben O'Connor, Dance Plant Collective, and friends. It is inspired by the tasks and philosophies of Surrealist pioneers and artists, and our creative discoveries via Zoom during lockdown. The film showed during Tempo Dance Festival's Ka Awatea season. ''Dance Plant will waltz with surrealism, taking it through the body and onto the screen. Tip-toeing sheets of lycra, five metre long arms, and bodies that never end. There is a mystery to be solved, involving disconnected conversations and red wine. A single stool holds a toaster wearing a long-sleeved sweater. Close your eyes. Dream. Dancing to backward sounds for a month apart, unexpected''

Huge thank you's to Basement Theatre for providing your beautiful venue and to Paul Bennett for assisting and being present always.

Choreographic direction: Brittany Kohler
Videography: Ben O’Connor
Producer: Zoë Nicholson
Choreographic collaborators and performers: Adam Naughton, Amber Liberté, Bella Wilson, Raven Afoa-Purcell, Jaz Yahel, Miriam Eskildsen, Natasha Kohler and Neža Jamnikar

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