Magnificent Remains




Magnificent Remains is a new full-length work in progress, choreographed by Brittany Kohler. 

​Magnificent Remains began as a research project, with a series of four multidisciplinary workshops (A Series of Surrealism) that Brittany lead in 2019. The full-length show is currently being developed with both Dance Plant Collective and independent freelance dancers. 

This work is inspired by Surrealism as an art form, by its philosophies, techniques and tasks.

Brittany is drawn to the dream-like, nonsensical approach that Surrealism takes, and is excited to premiere this full-length work in Auckland in 2021.


Choreographer: Brittany Kohler

Producer: Zoe Nicholson

Composer/Sonic Artist: james risbey

Performers: Dance Plant Collective and friends


STRUCTURE is a new full-length contemporary dance theatre work in development, choreographed by Bella Wilson. The work has currently had two development periods: an initial research and development residency in October 2019 at the Lucy Guerin Inc. studios in Melbourne (where DPC was invited to undertake a two-week ‘Making a Start’ residency), and in January 2020 in Auckland including a week-long workshop with a mass ensemble. STRUCTURE was due to premiere in Auckland in September 2020, but has been postponed to 2021 due to Covid-19 restrictions.


STRUCTURE unpacks the multifaceted ways in which humans relate to the world and others within contemporary social, political, and economic structures. It investigates the impact technology has on the body, looking at the mechanisation of the body through repetitive and monotonous daily tasks, and explores the interesting interplay between order and chaos, and how these polarities seem to be codependent in order to create a harmonious world. Given the world is experiencing huge and unprecedented structural shifts within every aspect of society due to the current COVID-19 pandemic, this work speaks to growing concerns of isolationism (heightened by social distancing), the loneliness epidemic, grief, and the fear of the other within late Capitalism. It aims to provide an insight into how easily structures are both created and dismantled, and highlights the huge importance and significance of social connection, embodiment and the interconnectedness of all living things. DPC feels that STRUCTURE will resonate with audiences and will allow space for discussion, contemplation and social connection during this uncertain time.



Choreographer: Bella Wilson

Producer: Zoe Nicholson

Composer/Sonic Artist: Flo Wilson 

Lighting Designer: Paul Bennett
Costume Designer: Lisa McEwan

Performers: Dance Plant Collective and friends